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Föreningen Partnership in Learning

is an independent charitable organisation that aims to support education among women in Northern Tanzania.

Our ultimate goal is equality of living conditions and status of men and women in society.
Seminars are held on subjects such as starting a business, inheritance and family law and the rights of women to own land.

The situation of women:
African women work hard. They take care of children and the elderly, are responsible for farming and food, fetching water and collecting firewood.
However, … many women lack knowledge about gender equality and women’s social and legal rights.

Through the courses made possible by this project, almost 3000 women have so far been provided with education, helped to take out microloans and started on the road to self-sufficiency.

PiL’s goals are:
· to distribute information about human rights,
· to highlight the connection between sexual discrimination and poverty,
· to support education that improves living conditions for women,
· to collect funds for the education project,
· to encourage an exchange of knowledge and experience.