Årsberättelse från Twende Pamoja Women Group (2010)

Report from Jaquline Kavishe, executive officer of TPWG after the annual meeting Dec 9 2010

Here we are all right but busy with some reports of last year (means final report of TPWG and Agape).
But other things are also fine.

The annual meeting was good! It was held at Moshi Christian Catholic Church hall and more than 330 women participated in the meeting. The women came from different villages like Uparo-Kirua Vunjo, Kawawa, Uchira, Sango, Mandakamnono, Mabogini, Chekereni, Kahe, Kibosho, Uru, Around Moshi town, Kiboriloni, Old moshi, Fukeni, Natiro, Mande etc.

Our Guest of Honour was a Moshi District Cooperative Officer known as Hon Lear Mwende. She opened the meeting at 10.00 am emphasizing the women to join the group (for those who are not members). The benefit they can get is especially education. Also it is an easy way to get loans through the women group from themicro finance institution Tanzania Gatsby Trustee (TGT). That makes it possible for women to put into practice what they have already learnt from the seminars and to start a business.

Also we were having other guests: some Ward Leaders from Kirua Vunjo, and Kibosho, two leaders of Tanzania Gatsby Trustee (TGT) from Dar where we use toget a small loans for the women.

Also we prepared some lessons about Jatropha and showed the product of it like soap and how they can benefit with the gas from seed cake as a power.

Also we prepare some products like Mango Pickle, dried fruits, Rosela, Roselawine, Dried Ginger, Fruits jam, Dried Artemisia leaves a cure for malaria, Jatropha Oil, Jatropha Seeds, Jatropha Soap, Lamps that using Jatropha Oil, Vanila leaves that is using to made a vanila flavour, Fresh and Dried Mushroom, and hand made cups from calabash.

Some more interested thing is we got 33 more new members from the day and also others promised to join the group after the meeting.
Also we succeeded to sell our products very well.

After opening the meeting ( Moshi District Cooperative Officer) the Wardleaders got some chances to talk with the women then the TPWG present the short history about TPWG and a short development report about it also.
There after the leader of TPWG also get another chance to provide a short seminar about What we have thought at Kakute Arusha about Jatropha and how they can easy use the seeds oil to make their soap for their own use, it was very interesting.

Lastly we prepared some food and drinks for them and money for their bus ticket.

Please find some pictures on attachments.

Jacque on behalf of TPWG